Top Tourist Attraction Spots In San Marino That You Probably Cannot Ignore

The independent land of San Marino is a small sovereign that runs on its government. This state is the oldest in the world and exists since the fourth century. It is only sixty-one kilometres wide. With its hills, ancient towers, museums, and buildings, it has become a tourist spot for people worldwide. Another thing that lures the tourists to the streets of San Marino is the tax-free items. You can buy any item from the state’s streets and not pay any extra money for taxes.


Best Most Beautiful Places In San Marino


Are you planning to visit the beautiful city of San Marino for your next holiday? We have a list of the most beautiful places in the state that you cannot miss out on.


Rocca Guaita


At the center of the city of San Marino lies the hill of Mount Titano. There are three ancient fortresses on the long ridge of the hill. Constructed in the eleventh century, lies the famous old fortress of Rocca Guaita. Originally, the fortress was a prison. However, over the years, it had several reconstructions until it reached what we see today. The last construction was done during a war between the House of Malatesta and San Marino. The walk up to the fortress is hilly, but it’s worth walking once you reach on top.


Monte Titano


Once you reach the seven hundred thirty-nine meters high tower of Mount Titano, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city. Stretching from the Apennines in the North-West to the Rimini on the east coast is visible from the tower. Rocca Cesta is the long ridge where the three towers on the hill. The Passo Delle Streghe is the path that connects the three towers. The three towers are present on the flag on San Marino and part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.


Pizza della Liberta And Pallazzo Pubblico


The Pallazzo Pubblico is a neo-Gothic style house of the government. The house was built on a 

stone excavated on Mount Titano in the 1800s by the famous architect of the time, Francesco Azzurri. The coats of arms of the Republic decorate the exteriors of the house along with four municipalities. While the inside of the house has a long staircase that takes you up to the council hall. If you like historic places and stories related to it, then this place is a must-visit.


Basilica di San Marino


The abandoned fourth-century Romanesque church was abandoned. In the nineteenth century, the Neo-classical Basilica was built with two lanes along with the altars. Various famous paintings are presently on the seven altars, which are worth watching.


Museo di Stato


If you like to visit museums and are curious about ancient artifacts, San Marini is a perfect place to visit. You will find various Roman and Etruscan findings along with artifacts from the neolithic age. There are more than five thousand items present in the museum today.


If you like historic places and planning to take your children on an educational tour, then San Marino can be a perfect holiday destination.