Places you should visit and things you must do while in Lapland

Located in Finland’s northernmost region, Lapland is a fascinating locale embellished with earth’s choicest of blessing. Also, the official abode of our childhood fantasy Santa Claus, this place is known for its vast wilderness and picturesque sights. The expanded artistry of nature with polar nights, arctic cites autumn colors, and most importantly, Aurora Borealis, Lapland, makes sure that it is an experience beyond ordinary.

Reindeer sleigh in Lapland’s snow-covered forests, with the northern lights blazing up in the sky, is considered one the most spectacular sights in Lapland. From the biting frost of Saariselka to the densely populated Rovaniemi, this place is a happy tussle between serenity and bustling city noise.

A trip to Lapland is an experience at par that will always top the list of most remarkable moments. It would take months of toil to sketch an ultimate Lapland Itinerary that would cover all the breath-taking northern locales, the mystic latitudes at Nurogram, and the intangible, serene frozen wonderland. Here is a list of a few must do things that you should make a note before you pack your bags to witness the stunning landscapes of Lapland.

  •     Visit Helinski

Helinski is the capital of Finland and is home to historic villages and museums, and European festivals. A city that beholds Finland’s archaic feel within its quaint towns and seaside locations, Helinski can be the first-day halt on your trip to Lapland.

  •     Head on to Rovaniemi from Helinski

Rovaniemi is the capital city of your ultimate destination and is also the official residence of Santa Claus. The town is like an urban oasis amidst the arctic locales. Expect to get lost in the time warp created by the beautiful Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi.

  •     Husky sled rides

The sled pulled by the huskies is the most rewarding experience and is the major crowd puller. The Huskies make their way from the dense Arctic forest laying open the impenetrable areas of that thick labyrinth.

  •     Spend a night surrounded inside an igloo

It happens to be a wish in the bucket list of many, and rightfully so because the hours spend in a night stay at igloo is an experience unparalleled. The snow-capped pine trees hustling and swaying over the window panes with the vibrant northern lights gleaming like thousand watts over your eyes is a reality that would appear surreal.

  •     Be a witness of the enchanting Northern lights.

Northern lights in the vast and beautiful sky of this frozen paradise stretching on all horizons with its full vibrancy and aura is a sight that would linger within your psyche lifelong. Make sure you behold this view and treat your eyes with this surreal experience while on a boat ride to Lake Inari.

Lapland is a mysterious yet captivating locale that is replete with nature’s bounty. Your stay at Lapland will be a wholesome and exhilarating experience if you plan your trip diligently. There are too many things to do and see, but your objective should be to prioritize those in your to-do list that gravitates most of the crowd and replenishes your craving for adventure the most.