Streamline your trip to the Canary Islands with a handy travel guide

Canary Islands

A sweeping archipelago stretched into eight significant islands; Canary is a group of isles from large to small. Perched off the coast of north-west Africa and located 100 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, this place is a delight to behold for travelers who are avid nature buffs. According to my friend who owns, in Canary’s distant land, sightseers will be able to witness the glorious transformation of nature and its hues all seasons. If you are here in the winters, escape the chilly gusts back at your hometown and indulge in the spring-like temperatures accompanied by gentle winds.


Home to the thick and impenetrable pine-scented forest, Canary Islands are enclosed with stunning beaches, lavish sea-facing resorts, picturesque scenic locales, and an enormous desert, very much akin to Sahara. This island has everything in its platter, starting from serene beach shores, high-peaked mountains, enormous desert to beautiful forest reserves, to ensure every traveler gets a favorite spot of their own. If you are willing to visit this place, make sure you are well equipped with an efficiently strategized trip checklist.

However, if you are yet to make one, we are here to help.


Places to visit in the Canary Islands


  •   Pico del Teide – The highest mountain range of Spain, Pico del Teide, is an active volcano that erupted long. People hike to its summit to witness the darkness breaking into dawn or board cable cars for cherishing the mesmerizing view from the top.
  •   Dunas de Maspalomas – An extensive series of dunes, this particular stretch of sand heaps are declared as a national heritage to prevent it from the encroachment led by expanding hotels and lodges.
  •   Timanfaya National Park – It is located near the south-western island of Lanzarote. This place was conceived from the volcanic eruptions that have now been remodeled into a wildlife reserve.

Things to do


  •   Cruise around La Gomera – The curling turquoise blue waters of La Gomera is the perfect destination to indulge in some sailing expedition. Visit the nearby places like Canary Sail and Oceano Whale while you are sailing on La Gomera.
  •   Watch the sunset at Mirador de La Pena – Witness the breathtaking view of the day closing into the onset of dusk from the summit of Mirador de La Pena.
  •   Stroll at the beautiful lanes of Teror town – This pretty town will make you gawk at the colorful houses, marvel at the cobbled streets, and give birth to a desire of owning a place in Teror. Located in the Grand Canary, the town of Teror also flaunts the very famous Basilica.


Delicacies you should try have a bite on


  •  Almogrote – Savour the creamy, cheesy crumbles found near the cafes of La Gomera.
  •   Cherne – Chunky white fish grilled over olive and sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices, Cherne is a hot favorite among Canary visitors. The fish’s taste gets accentuated with the seasonings and veggies collected straight from out of their garden.
  •   Ropa Veja – The staple food for the Canaries, Ropa Veja is a diet soup made from the leftover meat shred and fresh vegetables. Slurp it up to relish the taste of eating habits prevalent in Canary.


The Canary Islands are best cherished when visited in the fine of winter. It’s spring-like weather ornaments nature’s magnificence manifold, gravitating travelers more to this enchanted land. Explore the stunning sights of Canary and enrich your arc of memories with sights worth recollecting.