Streamline your trip to the Canary Islands with a handy travel guide

Canary Islands

A sweeping archipelago stretched into eight significant islands; Canary is a group of isles from large to small. Perched off the coast of north-west Africa and located 100 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, this place is a delight to behold for travelers who are avid nature buffs. According to my friend who owns, in Canary’s distant land, sightseers will be able to witness the glorious transformation of nature and its hues all seasons. If you are here in the winters, escape the chilly gusts back at your hometown and indulge in the spring-like temperatures accompanied by gentle winds.


Home to the thick and impenetrable pine-scented forest, Canary Islands are enclosed with stunning beaches, lavish sea-facing resorts, picturesque scenic locales, and an enormous desert, very much akin to Sahara. This island has everything in its platter, starting from serene beach shores, high-peaked mountains, enormous desert to beautiful forest reserves, to ensure every traveler gets a favorite spot of their own. If you are willing to visit this place, make sure you are well equipped with an efficiently strategized trip checklist.

However, if you are yet to make one, we are here to help.


Places to visit in the Canary Islands


  •   Pico del Teide – The highest mountain range of Spain, Pico del Teide, is an active volcano that erupted long. People hike to its summit to witness the darkness breaking into dawn or board cable cars for cherishing the mesmerizing view from the top.
  •   Dunas de Maspalomas – An extensive series of dunes, this particular stretch of sand heaps are declared as a national heritage to prevent it from the encroachment led by expanding hotels and lodges.
  •   Timanfaya National Park – It is located near the south-western island of Lanzarote. This place was conceived from the volcanic eruptions that have now been remodeled into a wildlife reserve.

Things to do


  •   Cruise around La Gomera – The curling turquoise blue waters of La Gomera is the perfect destination to indulge in some sailing expedition. Visit the nearby places like Canary Sail and Oceano Whale while you are sailing on La Gomera.
  •   Watch the sunset at Mirador de La Pena – Witness the breathtaking view of the day closing into the onset of dusk from the summit of Mirador de La Pena.
  •   Stroll at the beautiful lanes of Teror town – This pretty town will make you gawk at the colorful houses, marvel at the cobbled streets, and give birth to a desire of owning a place in Teror. Located in the Grand Canary, the town of Teror also flaunts the very famous Basilica.


Delicacies you should try have a bite on


  •  Almogrote – Savour the creamy, cheesy crumbles found near the cafes of La Gomera.
  •   Cherne – Chunky white fish grilled over olive and sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices, Cherne is a hot favorite among Canary visitors. The fish’s taste gets accentuated with the seasonings and veggies collected straight from out of their garden.
  •   Ropa Veja – The staple food for the Canaries, Ropa Veja is a diet soup made from the leftover meat shred and fresh vegetables. Slurp it up to relish the taste of eating habits prevalent in Canary.


The Canary Islands are best cherished when visited in the fine of winter. It’s spring-like weather ornaments nature’s magnificence manifold, gravitating travelers more to this enchanted land. Explore the stunning sights of Canary and enrich your arc of memories with sights worth recollecting.…

Top places to visit in Edinburgh for a vacation


Edinburgh is one of the beautiful places in the UK. It is also the center of arts and culture. Moreover, Edinburgh hosts amazing festivals. With these combined, it has become a worthy travel destination. Although there are too many places, this blog tries to specify the top 5 places to visit in Edinburgh. Such as,


Edinburgh Castle: one of the famous places to visit in Edinburgh

 It is Scotland’s famous attraction. As a matter of fact, on doors open day, this is one of the places to visit In Edinburgh for free. Isn’t that amazing? Moreover, visitors get an amazing view of the city from the top of the castle, such as The Royal Mile, Princess Street, and the princess street gardens.

Visitors to Edinburgh Castle can explore,

 1) The Royal Palace.

 2) Scottish Crown Jewels.

 3) The Stone of Destiny.

 4) The Great Hall.

 5) Scottish National War Memorial.

 6) The Oneo’clock statue.

 7) St Margaret’s Chapel.

 8) Prisoners of War Museum.

 9) Mons Meg.

 10) The National War Museum of Scotland.


The Royal Mile: One of the Historical places to visit in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile links Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. For one thing, it is lined with

 1) Townhouses.

 2) Churches,

 3) Historic landmarks.

 4) Museums.

 5) Cafés.

 6) Restaurants.


The Royal Mile is a great place to take a stroll. Some notable attractions include,

 1) Outlook Tower.

 2) Camera Obscura.

 3) The Tollbooth.

 4) People’s Story Museum.

 5) Gladstone’s land.

 6) The Writer’s Museum.

 It is one of the top 5 places to visit in Edinburgh.


Palace of Holyroodhouse: one of the royal places to visit in Edinburgh

 The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the Queen’s Edinburgh residence. Holyrood Palace is central to Scottish History. Furthermore, it is the place where,

 1) James II and James IV were each married.

 2) James V and Charles I were Crowned.

 3) Bonnie Prince Charlie held a court in 1745.


Similarly, a trip to Holyrood Palace also includes,

 1) Abbey Sanctuary.

 2) The Queens Gallery.

 3) Holyrood Abbey.

 4) The Scottish parliament.

 5) Dunbars Close Garden.

 Moreover, It is one of the places to visit in Edinburgh at night.


National Museum of Scotland: One of the places to visit in Edinburgh for Free

That right! Visitors to the National Museum of Scotland get a free entry. The museum attracts over two million visitors each year. It was formed in 2006. The museum holds,

 1) 16 galleries.

 2) 8000 artifacts.

 3) Medieval artifacts.

 4) National archeological collections.

 5) Material from Ancient Egypt. 


Additionally, some of its notable exhibitions include,

 1) The Newstead Helmet.

 2) Lewis Chessmen.

 3) Dolly the Sheep.

 4) Arthur’s Seat Coffins.

 5) Muonionalusta Meteorite.

 6) Feast Bowl.

 7) The Cramond Lioness.

 8) Schmidt Telescope.

 9) The Millennium Clock tower.

 10) Tyrannosaurus Rex.


It is truly, one of the significant places to visit in Edinburgh.

 Edinburgh offers some best places to relax, rewind and enjoy. However, this list fails to comprehend all the places to visit in Edinburgh. But, if someone is looking to visit, this list will come in handy.

What To Expect From The Small Island Country Of Haiti?

Ever seen those romantic movies with a jaw-dropping view of the beach? Well, Haiti may be a small island country that is hardly known to half of the population of a country, but once you visit the island, you will never be able to take your eyes off. The misty mountain tops, the waves splashing on the shore, the different colors of the sunset are some of the things that make Haiti a paradise island. Haiti is a part of the second-largest island of the Caribbean Sea, Hispaniola. If you plan an off-beat majestic island for your next holiday, Haiti can offer you a thrilling adventure filled with fun.


Most Beautiful Places In Haiti That You Cannot Miss!


We have made a list of some of the beautiful places in Haiti that you cannot miss. This might change your mind and lure you to visit at least once in your life.


Bassin Bleu


Are you looking for a fun-filled day in the water? Well, Bassin Bleu has impressive scenic beauty and gives you a chance to play and splash waters. The beautiful waterfall is located on the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. The quiet water surrounded by green vegetation makes it one of the best places to enjoy your day.




If you are looking for heaven on Earth, don’t miss-out, Labadee. The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water makes a fantastic view filled with scenic beauty. There are various water sports conducted on the beach for tourists. You can also buy something from the Haitian vendors by the beach or try something new like Zipline.


Kokoye Beach


Ever thought of visiting the white sand beaches with turquoise waves that you see in the calendars? Well, Kokoye beach is one such paradise on Earth with tall palm trees and lazy warm breeze. If you want to see the insides of the sea, you can try snorkelling. It is one of the beach activities that are quite popular among people. You can reach the beach only by boat or by hiking. Since it is not crowded with too many tourists, you will love the silence of nature at its best.


Gelee Beach


One of the romantic beaches in Haiti is the Gelee beach. It has a long stretch of white sand beach with rows of fishing boats on the horizon. The best time to visit the beach is in August. During this month, the beach is filled with musicians and dancers for the Fete Notre Dame Festival. Enjoy traditional music with excellent seafood by the beach.




One of the attractive tourist spots in the south-western region of Haiti is the Saut-Mathurine. It is one of the largest waterfalls of the island. The waterfall originated from the Riviere de Cavallion and is best for swimming and paddling. The greenery surrounding the waterfall is one of the best places to spend your day in the waters.


If you plan to visit Haiti for your next holiday, don’t forget to visit these places. However, these are only a few of the beautiful places that top the list. Other than these, you can take a zip lining tour, visit the Citadelle Laferriere, the palace of Sans Souci, Site des Ramiers and more. Zip lining tour, visit the Citadelle Laferriere, the palace of Sans Souci, Site des Ramiers and more.…

Places you should visit and things you must do while in Lapland

Located in Finland’s northernmost region, Lapland is a fascinating locale embellished with earth’s choicest of blessing. Also, the official abode of our childhood fantasy Santa Claus, this place is known for its vast wilderness and picturesque sights. The expanded artistry of nature with polar nights, arctic cites autumn colors, and most importantly, Aurora Borealis, Lapland, makes sure that it is an experience beyond ordinary.

Reindeer sleigh in Lapland’s snow-covered forests, with the northern lights blazing up in the sky, is considered one the most spectacular sights in Lapland. From the biting frost of Saariselka to the densely populated Rovaniemi, this place is a happy tussle between serenity and bustling city noise.

A trip to Lapland is an experience at par that will always top the list of most remarkable moments. It would take months of toil to sketch an ultimate Lapland Itinerary that would cover all the breath-taking northern locales, the mystic latitudes at Nurogram, and the intangible, serene frozen wonderland. Here is a list of a few must do things that you should make a note before you pack your bags to witness the stunning landscapes of Lapland.

  •     Visit Helinski

Helinski is the capital of Finland and is home to historic villages and museums, and European festivals. A city that beholds Finland’s archaic feel within its quaint towns and seaside locations, Helinski can be the first-day halt on your trip to Lapland.

  •     Head on to Rovaniemi from Helinski

Rovaniemi is the capital city of your ultimate destination and is also the official residence of Santa Claus. The town is like an urban oasis amidst the arctic locales. Expect to get lost in the time warp created by the beautiful Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi.

  •     Husky sled rides

The sled pulled by the huskies is the most rewarding experience and is the major crowd puller. The Huskies make their way from the dense Arctic forest laying open the impenetrable areas of that thick labyrinth.

  •     Spend a night surrounded inside an igloo

It happens to be a wish in the bucket list of many, and rightfully so because the hours spend in a night stay at igloo is an experience unparalleled. The snow-capped pine trees hustling and swaying over the window panes with the vibrant northern lights gleaming like thousand watts over your eyes is a reality that would appear surreal.

  •     Be a witness of the enchanting Northern lights.

Northern lights in the vast and beautiful sky of this frozen paradise stretching on all horizons with its full vibrancy and aura is a sight that would linger within your psyche lifelong. Make sure you behold this view and treat your eyes with this surreal experience while on a boat ride to Lake Inari.

Lapland is a mysterious yet captivating locale that is replete with nature’s bounty. Your stay at Lapland will be a wholesome and exhilarating experience if you plan your trip diligently. There are too many things to do and see, but your objective should be to prioritize those in your to-do list that gravitates most of the crowd and replenishes your craving for adventure the most.


Top Tourist Attraction Spots In San Marino That You Probably Cannot Ignore

The independent land of San Marino is a small sovereign that runs on its government. This state is the oldest in the world and exists since the fourth century. It is only sixty-one kilometres wide. With its hills, ancient towers, museums, and buildings, it has become a tourist spot for people worldwide. Another thing that lures the tourists to the streets of San Marino is the tax-free items. You can buy any item from the state’s streets and not pay any extra money for taxes.


Best Most Beautiful Places In San Marino


Are you planning to visit the beautiful city of San Marino for your next holiday? We have a list of the most beautiful places in the state that you cannot miss out on.


Rocca Guaita


At the center of the city of San Marino lies the hill of Mount Titano. There are three ancient fortresses on the long ridge of the hill. Constructed in the eleventh century, lies the famous old fortress of Rocca Guaita. Originally, the fortress was a prison. However, over the years, it had several reconstructions until it reached what we see today. The last construction was done during a war between the House of Malatesta and San Marino. The walk up to the fortress is hilly, but it’s worth walking once you reach on top.


Monte Titano


Once you reach the seven hundred thirty-nine meters high tower of Mount Titano, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city. Stretching from the Apennines in the North-West to the Rimini on the east coast is visible from the tower. Rocca Cesta is the long ridge where the three towers on the hill. The Passo Delle Streghe is the path that connects the three towers. The three towers are present on the flag on San Marino and part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.


Pizza della Liberta And Pallazzo Pubblico


The Pallazzo Pubblico is a neo-Gothic style house of the government. The house was built on a 

stone excavated on Mount Titano in the 1800s by the famous architect of the time, Francesco Azzurri. The coats of arms of the Republic decorate the exteriors of the house along with four municipalities. While the inside of the house has a long staircase that takes you up to the council hall. If you like historic places and stories related to it, then this place is a must-visit.


Basilica di San Marino


The abandoned fourth-century Romanesque church was abandoned. In the nineteenth century, the Neo-classical Basilica was built with two lanes along with the altars. Various famous paintings are presently on the seven altars, which are worth watching.


Museo di Stato


If you like to visit museums and are curious about ancient artifacts, San Marini is a perfect place to visit. You will find various Roman and Etruscan findings along with artifacts from the neolithic age. There are more than five thousand items present in the museum today.


If you like historic places and planning to take your children on an educational tour, then San Marino can be a perfect holiday destination.

How To Get The Best Out of Every Vacation

There are times you go for a holiday and regret going there in the first place. Other times you just wish that you had more time to continue staying on your vacation. 

What brings out the difference? You may ask. 

In this article, we’ll share with you simple ways to get the best out of every vacation. 

Let’s get started. 

  1. Stay Away From The Stereo Type And Discover Amazing Places

Most destinations are visited due to their stereotypical locations. People believe that for summer the best places to go are the islands of Spain and Greece, and for city trips, its Paris, London, and New York.

Everybody wishes to go to these places and leaves millions of other amazing destinations un-discovered.

There is no problem with these stereotyped places. People have previously visited and liked them. However, do something different.

Plan to get a unique experience from everyone else. Take a risk and discover places that have not been discovered yet.

Stretch your imagination. There is a wide and big world out there. You might even spend less budget and discover amazing places. 

  1. Choose Your Favorite Transport Mode

The method of transportation to and around your holiday destination is quite important. Different places have different modes of transport. If you prefer to use planes, ensure there is an airstrip wherever you plan to go.

Some places are difficult to access by a certain mode. There are destinations where there is only one mode of transport. Other places you’ll have to use the available means of transport such as Carts, which you might not be used to.

You can go by plane, by boat, by train or even by car but whatever you choose, it has to be your first option. You can drive somewhere and have fun, and in equal measure, you can fly and get the same experience.

There is no right or wrong mode of transport. You only need to choose what works best for you.

  1. Choose A Destination With Flexibility and Budget In Mind

The best time to take a vacation at the lowest price is during the “shoulder seasons”—just before or after the peak seasons. 

Because the times are just off the season, the weather is always nice. During the “shoulder season,” you get to enjoy almost the same experience as you could have enjoyed during the peak season. 

Be flexible also on the specific location. For example, you may be wishing to travel to the Bahamas, but you can’t afford it. Choose a flexible package such as Key West. Key West, in this case, will give you a smaller budget as compared to going to the Bahamas. 

  1. Use the Travel Search Sites and are top airline search site. Buying air tickets directly from the airlines is always more expensive than using search sites. The sites compare hundreds of airlines to find the best rates. 

Travel Search Sites gives you access to affordable international flights and budget airlines with amazing services. The discoveries you can make on the search sites you will have no idea whether they ever existed. 

In conclusion, apply these strategies and enjoy every bit of your vacation.